Rogue’s Galley: Mab the Actress

“I’m always curious when it comes to people. Occupational hazard.” — Mab

As odd as the city-state of Manhattan has grown become beneath the Black Moon, its residents are odder still.

Mabyoronya Konstantineva Tayrakova

Curio, located in tenement building off Mulberry Street. Previous owner unknown. (Vargas, 1904)

Heroes and cowards, petty crooks and murderers, saints and sinners–trace a Manhattan intersection and they say you can find ’em all.

In this case, they’re all the same person.

The orphaned daughter of a Russian sailor and a Mulberry Street whore, Mab was raised by the nuns of the Belladonna Covenant in Brooklyn. A student of the Lower East Side streets, Mab developed a wide range of disreputable habits (lucrative and pleasurable in equal measure) that shocked the nuns and enraged her sister, Tanya. By the age of 16, Mab was breaking the hearts of every sharp, fence and blue belly south of 14th Street. At 18, she was spurning them all for her true love: the bright lights of the Manhattan stage.

Unfortunately, her enthusiasm never quite overcome her dramatic skills, and Mab regrettably slipped back into the wayward, quasi-legal ways of her youth. If you need a sister found or a brother threatened, Mab is your woman. Loan sharking, homes burgled, shops vandalized, an escort to the Met … Mab is immensely popular among all the wrong people. Unfortunately, she’s as adept at making enemies as she is friends, and she is currently being tracked by Ion, an ex-lover with a razor and a plan.…