Now Available: The Rat and the Crane

London, 1560.

As the madness of the Dark Ages sweeps across Europa, a young queen assumes the throne in England. Elizabeth has a bright future but a dark secret, one which threatens to twist her country down an unexpected path.

Gregory Crane – rogue Jesuit, Englishman-in-exile, and agent of the secretive Consortium – is cursed with a past he can’t forget and debts his masters won’t forgive. When his adoptive father is killed while investigating accusations of sorcery against Queen Elizabeth, Crane is dispatched to London to set things right. London, where his inglorious career began …

But he discovers more than Arthurian fanatics, more than honey-leaking assassins, more than the clock-and-clay Elizabeth someone’s building under Blackfriars. From deep within London’s ragstone heart, Crane will rescue the Rat Faerie’s Daughter, a wry survivor of his stolen childhood. In the hobgoblin’s dark eyes lies something beyond the outermost reach of even his Divine Calculus.


From the author of the well-reviewed Beneath a Black Moon comes a tale of good and evil set during England’s little known “Absurd Age.” The Rat and the Crane is now available through Amazon–click here.…

Available Now: Beneath a Black Moon

Black Moon Cover

Enter the deliciously warped world of Beneath a Black Moon, the debut novel of author Benjamin Hanstein …

God and the Moon, but Mab has had better evenings. First, she’s booed off the stage at the Magnus (despite a perfectly suitable turn as Lady Marmalade) and chased all the way up Mulberry Street. There, her poor throat is slashed by an ex-lover’s razor. Then, she’s sent to Hell, wallowing amidst the mud and sinners. How can a hard-luck actress’ evening get any worse?

Well, she could get dragged back into an oafish clerk’s corpse and given one week to solve a depraved murder in a haunted city full of depraved murderers. That might be worse.

Still, the company’s tolerable—cannibal witch packs, British spies and fanatical Confessors, not to mention the mathematical soothsayer that may or may not be Mab’s estranged sister. And the job is plenty interesting, what with the Better Tomorrow Society trying to destroy the world and all.

Anywhere else—anyone else—and she might just stay in Hell. But this is Mab and Manhattan, beneath the Black Moon.

So let’s hit the houselights, cue the curtain and mind the storm drains.

And, please, whatever you do … don’t look up.…