About the Author

IMG_1345Benjamin Hanstein is the author of Beneath a Black Moon. A story set in a fantastically-twisted version of New York City, circa 1900, the book combines many different genres, including urban fantasy, alternate history, horror and a detective thriller.

The Black Moon rose in 1867 and the world went mad. Science was overthrown by the occult, witches and worse stalk the wilderness, and only City-States remain of a once-great nation. Now even the tenuous peace of Manhattan is under attack by a conspiracy that imperils its very existence.

Into the haunted city rises Mab – actress, criminal, hero – who hails from a most unexpected place: Hell

Beneath a Black Moon is available through Amazon, Smashwords, and other eBook distributors.

Hanstein’s work has appeared in Thin Ice: Crime Stories by New England Writers (2010) as well as in the Daily Bulldog, an online newspaper which he partially owns.

Hanstein lives, works and writes in western Maine.

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